Team Approach to Tongue Ties

Tongue-ties are being talked about more and more every day. More often than not my patients reach out to me through their own research of their symptoms and know they need a great team to help them! Awareness has been a huge factor in this topic becoming mainstream.

Over the past few years, I have found that only a multidisciplinary approach is truly effective at addressing and treating tongue-ties. No one can do it alone.

What do I mean by that? Well, if you just surgically release a tongue-tie without doing myofunctional therapy before and after the procedure, the results will never be optimal. Conversely, you can’t just do exercises and hope that the tongue-tie will go away or that the related symptoms will resolve.

I’ve seen a number of patients who didn’t know that they had to do the exercises in conjunction with the release. When they reach out to me after having the procedure, they’re far behind where they should be in terms of their progress, and their recovery and long-term results are affected. This is because the mouth is very good at healing, and the body will often revert to the patterns learned and ingrained over many years of dysfunction. Doing myofunctional therapy before and after the release is just like doing physical therapy after an operation.


Tongue Tie

The Team Approach Matters!

Treating a tongue-tie requires a team, and that team has to work closely together in order to coordinate the myofunctional therapy exercises with the tongue-tie release procedure.

The good news is that more and more of the doctors performing the procedure are insisting that their patients work with a myofunctional therapist before they’ll go ahead and do the release.

Working With A Myofunctional Therapist

A good myofunctional therapist will help you to find the right doctor to perform the tongue-tie release procedure, show you the exercises to do before and after the procedure to stop the tongue-tie from reattaching, and take you through a comprehensive program to retrain your oral and facial muscles for a lifetime of good health. Most importantly, they’ll help you make the team approach reality in your treatment. Done right, the results of this procedure can be life changing.