Treating Tongue Tie with Myofunctional Therapy

Team Approach to Tongue Ties Tongue-ties are being talked about more and more every day. More often than not my patients reach out to me through their own research of their symptoms and know they need a great team to help them! Awareness has been a huge factor in this topic becoming mainstream. Over the [...]

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Posterior Tongue Tie

What is a Posterior Tongue-Tie? A posterior-tongue tie is a restriction that may be less obvious to people who aren’t trained to look at function and symptoms of a tongue-tie. I’ve been seeing these types of ties more often in my practice over the past few years. Did you know there are two types of [...]

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Myofunctional Therapy & the Frenectomy Procedure

What is a Frenectomy? The tongue-tie release procedure is usually called a frenectomy but there are other names that you may have heard it called. A frenotomy/frenulotomy is a minor incision into the connective tissue at the bottom of the tongue to free the tongue from the floor of the mouth. This is usually [...]

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